Loyal dog makes 62-mile journey in two weeks to find her owners

A loyal dog walked 62 miles in a quest to be reunited with her owners after escaping the temporary care she’d been placed in.

One-year-old golden retriever Ping An, whose name translates approximately to ‘safe and sound’ in Chinese, had been dropped off at her owner’s friends’ house in Nantong, 100 kilometres away from their home in eastern China’s Qidong City, so she could be looked after while their home underwent house renovations.

But after four months of separation, Ping An just couldn’t bear to be away from her beloved owners any longer and made a run for it.

What the family didn’t know was that she had gone on a trek in search of them.

After tirelessly walking for 62 miles, the pooch was spotted limping outside an office building with bleeding paws.

She also looked ‘quite depressed after she was unable to find her owners’, according to her rescuers.

Pictures taken by the employees show the seemingly malnourished retriever lying on the road with her head between her paws.

Her rescuers took care of her immediate injuries which were mostly on her feet, then took to social media in the hopes of tracking down her owners.

They began by sharing information locally on WeChat, a popular Chinese messenger app, and within the day, the family had been reunited with their pup.

In a heart-warming video, the family can be seen stroking and hugging their golden retriever after being apart for four months.

They can be heard saying to their pet: “Ping An, you’ve worked hard. You just stay home from now on. [We] would never send you away” reports Daily Mail.

Ping An has been taken to a vet and is now recovering from her injuries, says her owners.